[BGIN-IPKM] Proposal for a new workstream on scaling technology and privacy

Ryosuke Ushida ru64 at georgetown.edu
Fri Jul 17 16:33:00 CDT 2020

Dear contributors,

I am thinking to make a proposal for a new workstream under the IdM,
Privacy and Key Management SG if I could find contributors.
This is just a first draft of the proposal.

As a financial regulator, I am interested in exploring the potential of
recent technological development (e.g. payment channel, PETs) to address
the needs of not only engineers and businesses but also regulators.
My primary focus is a financial ecosystem, but privacy considerations
derived from the analysis may be applied to other domains such as the
COVID-19 contact tracing app.
Possible deliverables are technical and policy recommendations with input
from engineers, businesses, academia, and regulators.

I appreciate any comments or suggestions.


Ryosuke Ushida
Assistant to acting co-chairs, BGIN
Senior Fellow, Cyber SMART, Georgetown University
Deputy Director, Fintech Office, Japan Financial Services Agency
BGIN official website: https://bgin-global.org/
BGIN official Twitter: https://twitter.com/bgin_global/
BGIN GitHub repository:  https://github.com/bgin-global
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