[BGIN-GWG] Postponing GWG call on August 11th/12th to August 18th/19th, Wednesday

Shigeya Suzuki shigeya at wide.ad.jp
Mon Aug 10 23:22:40 CDT 2020


Shigeya Suzuki, one of the co-chairs of GWG.

I should be on the next call, but due to unavoidable circumstances, I can't attend.
Let me postpone next GWG call originally scheduled tomorrow, by one week:

August 19th 00:30 am UTC  = August 19th 09:30 am JST = August 18th  08:30pm EDT

To check your timezone, use this tool: https://everytimezone.com/s/68e127b6

If there is anybody who has a schedule conflict, we may skip one more week.



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