[BGIN-general] BGIN Twitter logo for review & comment (schwentker)

Shigeya Suzuki shigeya at wide.ad.jp
Tue Sep 29 21:19:32 CDT 2020


I'm not sure whether we want to continue here, but why yellow?

Also, I now realized that placing four characters this way, with uncommon word (BGIN) make me feel uncomfortable.
Not sure whether BGIN or BIGN is correct way to read.
For me, It is not obvious (for Japanese, possibly. We use vertical writing)

If I really need to judge now, I prefer the senshi-san's proposal.


P.S. Right-to-Left script language natives might read it as  GBNI...  (I'm joking ;d)

On Wed, Sep 30, 2020, at 08:55, Robert Schwentker wrote:
> How's a black & white version with a yellow box? This is relatively color neutral and gives us a kind of place holder for twitter as we get something designed.
> See example here: https://twitter.com/BginGlobal  
> --Robert
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