[BGIN-general] BGIN Social Media planning doc (draft) & Twitter logo for review & comment

Robert Schwentker schwentker at bsafe.network
Tue Sep 29 11:10:37 CDT 2020

Dear All,

Based on Shigeya's feedback here's a refined BGIN twitter logo on bgin
twitter test account: twitter.com/BginGlobal

While this may not be perfect, I think it may serve as an initial twitter

Looking forward to your thoughts.


Date: Wed, 23 Sep 2020 15:00:26 +0900
From: "Shigeya Suzuki" <shigeya at wide.ad.jp>
To: bgin-general at blockchain-discussions.org
Subject: Re: [BGIN-general]  BGIN Social Media planning doc (draft) &
        Twitter logo for review & comment

Dear Robert,

Thanks for the effort.

While I like the concept of the draft logo, I think the lower part of the I
is hard to read, effectively, hard to read it as BGIN.

Also, from my point of view, the thickness of each of the components are
too narrow in some part.


On Wed, Sep 23, 2020, at 10:35, Robert Schwentker wrote:
> Hi all,
>  1) Here is a draft social media planning document for discussion. It
focuses on use of Twitter & LinkedIn, goals, content and next steps. Please
feel free to comment/edit inside the document itself:

>  2) I've mocked up a logo for Twitter we could use to get started
https://twitter.com/bgin_global. You may recognize the design source. I
picked this as it is recognizable, fun spirited, and can be evolved to move
away from the current colors and concept. This logo is based upon a
sculpture created by an artist named Robert Indiana - the famous Love
sculpture - wikipedia.org/wiki/Love_(sculpture)
>> love-sculpture.jpg
> *What do you think about this for an initial Twitter logo?*
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