[BGIN-general] BGIN Social Media planning doc (draft) & Twitter logo for review & comment

Robert Schwentker schwentker at bsafe.network
Tue Sep 22 20:35:47 CDT 2020

Hi all,

 1) Here is a draft social media planning document for discussion. It
focuses on use of Twitter & LinkedIn, goals, content and next steps. Please
feel free to comment/edit inside the document itself:


 2) I've mocked up a logo for Twitter we could use to get started
https://twitter.com/bgin_global. You may recognize the design source. I
picked this as it is recognizable, fun spirited, and can be evolved to move
away from the current colors and concept. This logo is based upon a
sculpture created by an artist named Robert Indiana - the famous Love
sculpture - wikipedia.org/wiki/Love_(sculpture)

[image: love-sculpture.jpg]

*What do you think about this for an initial Twitter logo?*

[image: bgin-twitter-logo-1.jpg]

Here's how it renders on Twitter test account twitter.com/BginGlobal

[image: image.png]

   - If it is ok, I will have the logo tweaked a bit, and get a black and
   white version as well.
   - If we go ahead with this I may suggest we prepare a new twitter logo
   for the new year (2021). It could be a similar arrangement of letters but a
   different color scheme.
   - Also each Twitter profile has a 1500 x 500 profile image. One idea for
   this is to have the BGIN initials represented in different languages:
   Hindi, Katakana, etc. Every couple of months we could add to the image as
   members join from countries which have languages not represented.
   - I suggest we discuss making a black and white version of the logo to
   use on the website & LinkedIn.
   - At the very least until such time as there is an official logo, this
   Twitter logo could be used as the BGIN website's favicon.

Your feedback and ideas are welcome.


Robert Schwentker | BSafe Network | Evangelism
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