[BGIN-general] Experimental use of Zulip Chat for BGIN

Shigeya Suzuki shigeya at wide.ad.jp
Tue Oct 6 22:49:51 CDT 2020


On the selection of communication tools.
Among the attendees of the GWG, we agreed to start experimenting with Zulip Chat toward Block#1 meeting.

I found Zulip Chat may address the following two points well:

- Mode of the tool
  (Chat tool lack of topic thread feature requires a good amount of sustained attention to follow topics, 
   which we don't want for BGIN)
- Funding (currently zero)

So, I've created the BGIN organization here: https://bgin.zulipchat.com/
Zulip was a suggestion from Byron Gibson (Robert Schwentker reminded me).
Thank you very much for your good suggestion.

To avoid confusion, we want to limit the attendance to the organization.  The current policy is:
- The attendee needs to be a subscriber to the bgin-general mailing list.
- The attendee needs to use the subscribed email address for the invitation.

Because I can assume all of you here want to be part of the discussions:), I'll invite all of the subscribers
in the general mailing list soon after I send out this message.

See you there too,


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