[BGIN-general] Paper on governance for blockchain based financial systems

高梨 佑太(TAKANASHI Yuta) yuta.takanashi at fsa.go.jp
Tue Jun 30 23:58:27 CDT 2020

Dear BGIN members,

I would like to share our paper discussing governance for blockchain based financial system published from Stanford Journal of Law and Policy. This paper discusses why multi-stakeholder governance matters for blockchain based financial system showing concerns for financial regulation and drawing lessons from the case of the Internet. The latter part of the paper provides some considerations on how we should implement the concept of multi-stakeholder governance.

Part 1 or 2: https://stanford-jblp.pubpub.org/pub/multistakeholder-comm-governance/release/1
Part 2 of 2: https://stanford-jblp.pubpub.org/pub/multistakeholder-comm-governance2/release/1

I hope it contributes to the discussion at BGIN.
If you have any questions, views and/or comments, please feel free to reach out to me though this mailing list or bilaterally.


Yuta Takanashi
Director for International Digital Strategy
Financial Services Agency, Japanese Government
yuta.takanashi at fsa.go.jp

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