[BGIN-general] Call for members of BGIN Administrative Volunteer Group

Shigeya Suzuki shigeya at wide.ad.jp
Tue Jul 21 16:52:13 CDT 2020

Attached below is a call for volunteers.

Shigeya Suzuki, Ph.D
Keio University, Graduate School of Media and Governance


Call for members of  BGIN Administrative Volunteer Group

There is no place other than the “General” mailing list to Discuss, Find, List, Dispatch, Do or load share the day-to-day work of BGIN.

Some of the people helped to organize the activity of BGIN up to now, but we have limited resources for moving forward (fast!).

Some people are willing to help to organize BGIN’s activity, outside of current co-chairs, SG/WG chairs, and secretary.

Creation of Administrative Volunteer Group (AVG) 
We would like to call for volunteers to the group; we named it “Administrative Volunteer Group (AVG).”
We do not set a specific activity period for AVG for now. 

Note, We want to create a separate volunteer group for each of the events like Block#N meetings, in a predefined period. The program chair of the event makes a call for participation in such a group.

Call for participation!

Current members are Co-chairs, current SG/WG co-chairs, and Secretary (Ryosuke).

We need your help. Please subscribe to the BGIN-volunteers mailing list via the website to participate in the group [1].

[1] http://blockchain-discussions.org/mailman/listinfo/bgin-volunteers_blockchain-discussions.org

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