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Thu Mar 26 05:59:24 CDT 2020

Thank you Shigeya-san for setting up this mailing list and the Github repository.

I would like to announce that I have posted an issue related to the word “governance" in Github repository.
See. https://github.com/bgin-global/genesis-documents/issues/1 <https://github.com/bgin-global/genesis-documents/issues/1>

To collect vies from as wide range of stakeholders as possible, I hope all of you to invite anyone who may have interest on this initiative to this mailing list and Github repository. 


> 2020/03/26 18:15、Announcement from BGIN via BGIN-announcement <bgin-announcement at blockchain-discussions.org>のメール:
> Hi, 
> This is the first message to BGIN-announcement list.
> We -- BGIN initial contributors -- finished working on initial documents ready for public:
> - Press release on BGIN:
> https://bgin.team/press_releases/20200310_press_release_bgin.pdf
> - Prof. Matsuo's introductory slide of BGIN:
> https://bgin.team/presentations/20200310_BGIN_Declaration.pdf
> - Minutes of the Inaugural Meeting: https://github.com/bgin-global/genesis-documents/blob/afc45b1eb88094d2d8e72aa0a4952aad7c41772b/MeetingMinutes/20200309_Minutes_Inaugural_Meeting.pdf
> - The Genesis Documents of BGIN on GitHub:
> https://github.com/bgin-global/genesis-documents
> Link to all of the above links is also available on [https://bgin-global.org].
> For the people willing to contribute, please read all of the documents,
> esp. read the README.md file on the Genesis Document repository to know how you can contribute to the effort:
> [https://github.com/bgin-global/genesis-documents/blob/master/README.md]
> Looking forward to your contribution.
> Shigeya as part of BGIN team.
> -- 
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