[BGIN-announcement] Welcome to Blockchain Governance Initiative Network (BGIN)

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Thu Mar 26 04:05:24 CDT 2020

This is the first message to BGIN-announcement list.

We -- BGIN initial contributors -- finished working on initial documents ready for public:

- Press release on BGIN:
- Prof. Matsuo's introductory slide of BGIN:
- Minutes of the Inaugural Meeting: https://github.com/bgin-global/genesis-documents/blob/afc45b1eb88094d2d8e72aa0a4952aad7c41772b/MeetingMinutes/20200309_Minutes_Inaugural_Meeting.pdf
- The Genesis Documents of BGIN on GitHub:

Link to all of the above links is also available on [https://bgin-global.org].

For the people willing to contribute, please read all of the documents,
 esp. read the README.md file on the Genesis Document repository to know how you can contribute to the effort:


Looking forward to your contribution.

Shigeya as part of BGIN team.

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