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Thu Apr 30 08:39:31 CDT 2020

Dear contributors,

Thank you for joining BGIN!
I am Ryosuke Ushida, a senior fellow at Georgetown University and an
assistant to co-chairs.

This announcement mailing list aims to circulate general information such
as the status sharing of ongoing projects, online-meeting info, call for
proposals, etc.
In this email, I would like to share fundamental information that
familiarizes you with the BGIN and helps you contribute to the discussion

*<BGIN Github repository and official website>*
- You can access all finalized/work-in-progress documents of BGIN and join
the discussion at our Github repository
- We are constructing our official website here <https://bgin-global.org/>,
let you know once ready.

*<Discussion mailing list>*
- Apart from this mailing list, we will set up another mailing list for the
discussion on whatever topics (i.e. you can freely post your idea,
proposals, etc.).
- Please register for both to get the latest info (this mailing list) and
join the debate (Discussion mailing list).

*<Governance working group>*
- One of the ongoing projects is the Governance working group to discuss
the governance of BGIN itself (Organization, fundraising, IPR, etc.)
- The acting co-chairs (Aaron Wright, Shigeya Suzuki) will set up a mailing
list and circulate the initial draft ToR.

*<Identity/Privacy/Key management study group>*
- Another project is a study group to discuss identity/Privacy/Key
management issues, one of the most important discussion topics in the
decentralized financial system.
- The acting co-chair (Nat Sakimura, Katharina Pistor) will create a
mailing list and share the initial draft ToR.

*<Online meeting>*
- We are working to organize an online meeting between May-June to have a
discussion on the bootstrapping strategy and the initial draft ToR of the
WG and SG.

I will let you know further details about the respective topics down the
Please feel free to contact us <bgin-contact at bgin.team> if any.

Best regards,

*Ryosuke UshidaAssistant to co-chairs, BGIN*

*Senior Fellow, Cyber SMART, Georgetown University*
*Deputy Director, Fintech Office, Japan Financial Services Agency*

On Wed, Apr 29, 2020 at 9:00 PM Shin'ichiro Matsuo <
Shinichiro.Matsuo at georgetown.edu> wrote:

> Dear contributors,
> Thank you very much for joining the BGIN announcement mailing list!
> I am Shin'ichiro Matsuo, a research professor at Georgetown University and
> an acting co-chair of BGIN.
> Above all, I would like to welcome all of you onboard the open and global
> platform.
> I apologize for this late welcome message, as most of our initial members,
> including myself, have been swamped due to COVID-19.
> On March 9, a group of 23 initial contributors agreed to initiate a new
> multi-stakeholder discussion body for blockchain technology and its
> operation. The next day, we declared the initiation of BGIN.
> At the meeting on March 9,
> At the online meeting on March 9, among initial contributors, we decided
> on the following.
> - Acting co-chairs of BGIN: Shin'ichiro Matsuo (Georgetown University) and
> Mai Santamaria (Department of Finance Ireland)
> - Initiation of governance working group
>  - Acting co-chairs: Shigeya Suzuki (Keio University) and Aaron Wright
> (Yeshiva University)
> - Initiation of identity/privacy/key management study group
>  - Acting co-chairs: Nat Sakimura (Open ID Foundation) and Katharina
> Pistor (Columbia Law School)
> We plan to stat official activities of BGIN this fall. Before that, we
> will work in the preparation phase. In this phase, we will discuss the
> organization and governance of BGIN, and potential future work items, which
> include identity, privacy, and key management. All discussions of BGIN are
> open to the public, and the discussions in the preparation phase are open,
> too. I would like to encourage all of you and all blockchain-related
> stakeholders to participate in the discussions and create the organization
> of BGIN and many outcomes of BGIN together.
> We are now preparing open mailing lists and GitHub repository. The BGIN
> web site will be open soon. Ryosuke Ushida, an assistant to co-chairs, will
> post an email on future steps and processes of BGIN. Please take a look at
> the mail for further works.
> Thank you again for your interest and determination to contribute to BGIN.
> Please send an email to the following address should you have inquiries or
> comments.
>   bgin-contact at bgin.team
> I, another co-chair (Mai Santamaria, a Head of Financial Advisory,
> Department of Finance, Ireland) or our acting assistant (Ryosuke Ushida, a
> senior fellow at Georgetown University), will take care of it.
> With best regards and stay healthy,
> Shin'ichiro Matsuo, Ph.D.
> Acting co-chair of Blockchain Governance Initiative Network (BGIN)
> Research Professor, Department of Computer Science, Georgetown University
> Cyber SMART Director, and Lead Researcher, Blockchain Eco-System
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