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Wed Apr 29 20:00:00 CDT 2020

Dear contributors,

Thank you very much for joining the BGIN announcement mailing list!
I am Shin'ichiro Matsuo, a research professor at Georgetown University and an acting co-chair of BGIN.

Above all, I would like to welcome all of you onboard the open and global platform.
I apologize for this late welcome message, as most of our initial members, including myself, have been swamped due to COVID-19.

On March 9, a group of 23 initial contributors agreed to initiate a new multi-stakeholder discussion body for blockchain technology and its operation. The next day, we declared the initiation of BGIN.
At the meeting on March 9,

At the online meeting on March 9, among initial contributors, we decided on the following.

- Acting co-chairs of BGIN: Shin'ichiro Matsuo (Georgetown University) and Mai Santamaria (Department of Finance Ireland)
- Initiation of governance working group
 - Acting co-chairs: Shigeya Suzuki (Keio University) and Aaron Wright (Yeshiva University)
- Initiation of identity/privacy/key management study group
 - Acting co-chairs: Nat Sakimura (Open ID Foundation) and Katharina Pistor (Columbia Law School)

We plan to stat official activities of BGIN this fall. Before that, we will work in the preparation phase. In this phase, we will discuss the organization and governance of BGIN, and potential future work items, which include identity, privacy, and key management. All discussions of BGIN are open to the public, and the discussions in the preparation phase are open, too. I would like to encourage all of you and all blockchain-related stakeholders to participate in the discussions and create the organization of BGIN and many outcomes of BGIN together.

We are now preparing open mailing lists and GitHub repository. The BGIN web site will be open soon. Ryosuke Ushida, an assistant to co-chairs, will post an email on future steps and processes of BGIN. Please take a look at the mail for further works.

Thank you again for your interest and determination to contribute to BGIN.
Please send an email to the following address should you have inquiries or comments.
  bgin-contact at bgin.team

I, another co-chair (Mai Santamaria, a Head of Financial Advisory, Department of Finance, Ireland) or our acting assistant (Ryosuke Ushida, a senior fellow at Georgetown University), will take care of it.

With best regards and stay healthy,
Shin'ichiro Matsuo, Ph.D.
Acting co-chair of Blockchain Governance Initiative Network (BGIN)
Research Professor, Department of Computer Science, Georgetown University
Cyber SMART Director, and Lead Researcher, Blockchain Eco-System

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